Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baseball and Festivals

Saturday was a fun filled day.  First L had baseball.  Since this is fall ball they don't keep score but his team did pretty good.  He played first, third, right field, and pitched a few innings.  He also hit 2 for 5, not bad.  After the game we went home, ate lunch, took a nap and then headed out to Whitley Church for their fall festival with J&J. 

Little T had a blast running around and playing.  She rode a horse for the first time and went into a jumping thingy for the first time too.  Little J helped her jump by holding her hands.  Once she got the hang of it she enjoyed it. 

On a side note - comments from strangers.  Good grief!!  If I hear "OMG - look how small she is and she's walking!" one more time I'll scream!  Yes, Little T is TINY but she is mighty!  People are amazed when I tell them she's almost 2 1/2 yrs old.  I can't wait for Little T to start talking so she can say "Yep, I'm small but I have a big attitude!"  Hmm....maybe I'll go get a tee-shirt with that printed on it!!

I've got some great pictures - hope you enjoy them!


My first story board!!  (above)






These first 2 pictures are of J's daughter.  Her face is so expressive and she has the prettiest brown eyes you will ever see.  I'll have to go back through some pictures so I can show you a close up of her. 


Little T thinking at the ball game.


Little T put her phone in her purse and brought that along with her teddy bear to the baseball game.


Little T jumping.




Jonni, John and Sofia said...

Great photos my friend and T is so cute! Did you get that outfit at Tarjay? I think Sofia has the same one...too funny. Hope T had fun on the pony ride and I love your storyboard, great job! Hope L had fun at his first ballgame of this year too.



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