Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tricky Little T

She is so so funny.  We have a sunk in living room.  When we first got home she maneuvered the steps (2) by sitting on her butt and scooting down.  In only 3 months she now literally runs up and down the steps.  She is just amazing.

Little T will sit on the top step and point next to her then point to her daddy.  She wants him to sit next to her and hold her hand and sing.  This is a game they have been playing for about a month.  Now she's put a little spin on it.  She'll go to the step then sit and point like she normally does.  The very second Big T starts to walk over to sit with her she'll pop up and run laughing the whole time.  OMG!  The first time she did this we all laughed so tears were flowing!! She loves to tease her daddy.  He'll ask her for a kiss so she'll walk over there and pucker up.  When he bends down to kiss her she'll run away laughing again.   

She's still very much a momma's girl *grin* but she loves to play with her daddy too. 

I love this picture of her.  She's watching her brother play baseball and she seems to be so intent...YET she has her phone waiting for that all important phone call...


Here's a shot of her and daddy sitting in the bleachers.


This is just a shot of her playing.  She's finally got a little bit of a Buddha belly going on!!! 



Jonni, John and Sofia said...

Beautiful photos of T and I love the one of her and big T together. You better watch out, she may become a daddy's girl afterall. :)



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