Thursday, September 18, 2008

From out of no where

the pain will hit me.  The other day I went into my mom's buffet table to get a lighter for a candle.  I noticed some papers in the back of the drawer so I pulled them out.  They were some of the poems my dad wrote for my mom.  As I sat there and read them the tears started to fall.  Oh how I miss my parents.  The emptiness is so unbearable at times.  I must have sat there for 20 minutes reading and then re-reading the few poems that I have of his.  I walked into the bedroom where Big T and Little T were playing and he immediately hugged me and asked what was wrong.  As I told him I picked up Little T and hugged her.  She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and once again took her little hands and wiped my tears away.  Of course, this only made me cry more. 

I have some pictures of Little T and I need to document some more of our trip to China but tonight I think I'll share one of my dad's poems to my mom.

To My Love

Please my Love don't ever go away

I need you with me everyday

I used to like to be alone

Now when you are gone I stop near the phone.

When you go I'm so lost

I need you with me at all cost

My love for you is hard to show

But in your heart I think you know

I cannot find the words to say

Home much I love you each day

When you're tired and feeling low

Up is the only way to go

I try my best to get you to smile

With luck you might laugh after awhile

Maybe its God's plan, these ups and downs

I love to see you smile and hate your frown

We're meant to be together through thick and thin

Because while together we will always win


It's not the best poem in the world but you can see the love my dad had for my mom.  The I.N.S.L.Y means "I'll Never Stop Loving You".  This is something that they wrote to each other, on a card, on a note, in the snow, where ever.  I always thought it was so sweet to see that little "I.N.S.L.Y" written in different places. 

Mom and Dad  I.N.S.L.Y!!



Carol said...

oh that brought me to parents are both gone now too...

I wish my hubby had that sweet..........

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

You are going to mkae me cry too. What a beautiful poet your dad was and I love the "I.N.S.L.Y". A nice little thing that sacred between your mom and dad. I am sorry for the hurt you are feeling. It must be so hard. I hope that the happy memories help the sadness to subside.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I said I was going to slow down before hitting send right????


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