Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween and a Tag



Okay, I get it!!  I've been tagged by Carla over at Katie Bug and Alyson over at Imagine Alyzabeth An...It's easy if you try.  The tag is to share 7 weird things about yourself.  Hmmm...that will be hard to do..NOT!!

1.  I grew up in a village in central NY that only had one stop light.

2.  This village is also the home of L. Frank Baum, who wrote the Wizard of Oz.

3.  There are yellow brick sidewalks in the village now so we can experience following the yellow brick road.

4.  My ring finger on my right hand was broken many years ago.  Now I have to have my rings customized with little "bumps" on the inside so they don't slide around because they have to be bigger than normal to fit over the hump!

5.  I used to play the viola, violin, cello, and bass.  Yep, all 4.  I was best at the viola and actually played in the Syracuse Youth Symphony

6.  I used to own a mustang that had the letter "C" painted on both sides of it.  Umm...yeah, you don't have to say anything, I already know!

7.  I am terrified of spiders.  I don't mean just a little bit scared - I mean terrified.  I can't stand them.  If I see one I start screaming and run away!!  My bff lives out in the country and I have actually went out a different door because there was a spider near her front door!!


I'm supposed to tag 7 people but the thing is everyone has already done this.  So, if you haven't consider yourself tagged!!  Leave a comment so I can go read yours!


Little T got the hang of trick or treating very quickly once she realized that people put CANDY in her bag.  She tried to say trick or treat and also signed thank you each time.  She looked so cute in her panda outfit.  We were out and about for an hour or so and then we had to head up to the football game.  Poor thing didn't get to bed until 9:30!! 

Oh, and what's up with kids coming up to the door at 9 PM??  And adults too??  There was this one little old lady, not even dressed, who had a bag and was getting candy - at 9 PM!!  OMG!!!  I just don't get people like that. 

Here are some pictures:


This is J.  Look at her beautiful eyes - gosh, just love this girl!!


Little T thinking if she likes what's in her mouth.  Notice anything different??  Look real hard!  :)


Little T running around at a fall festival we went too. 


J and Little T eating stuffing.  This isn't the clearest picture but I love that they are both eating off the same plate.  How cute!!


J was the game Twister and Little T was a panda bear.  I had her dressed in layers so she wouldn't get cold.  She had on footie pjs, black tights, and her panda outfit. 


Another picture of the 2 girls.  J has a great smile in this picture and Little T is wondering why we are torturing her!


Hehe...the backend of Little T.  She looked so cute walking away after she got her candy!! 


Mysty and Anthony said...

Okay I am confused...I must not be looking hard enough but I want to know what is different????

Mysty and Anthony said...

Okay so I looked again and I think I have it...are her ears pierced??? I think that's it! Awww sooo sweet!

bbmomof2boys said...

Yes Mysty, she got her ears pierced!!

Can you email me please at


Jonni said...

I guessed her ears were pierced right away. They look great Carla! She is such a little princess. Her outfit is too cute too. I loved reading your post and the mustang with the C is too funny. Love it! I bet I know your's about 10 minutes from here and rhymes with dayglo...


Alyson and Ford said...

Great list! I played violin in the Portland Junior Symphony (Maine). Made All-State playing too. I haven't touched the violin in 30 years (eeeks!!).

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