Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yep, I'm slack too!!

Ok, I'm blaming this on Jonni!!  She's slack so I thought I could be too! 
I took Little T to her first parade yesterday.  She enjoyed most of it but didn't like the loud music.  Each time a band came by she would grab my hand and pull me back into the crowd.  She did enjoy waving to everyone though and it seems that she has the princess wave down pat!!  She's also starting to tease more now.  It's so funny to watch her and her brother play.  She'll grab something of his from his room and go running down the hall laughing and he'll chase her and say "Mom!!  She's in my stuff again!"  How funny! 
Not much else going on around here.  I'm speaking tonight at church about adoption for National Adoption month.  I've made a quick "Little T Day" video of our trip and will show it after I talk.


Jonni said...

Girl, you crack me up! But seriously your montage is beautiful. What a nice job you did and the pictures of sweet baby girl just make me smile. She is such a little honey. Love the one of her smooching with her hat and bathing suit on. She is just so adorable. Thanks for sharing your beautiful video.

P.S Talked to Debbie today and she said we that we will jump back in to Scrap and Tell after the holidays okay? Just since everyone is so busy right now. :)


Mysty and Anthony said...

Ok, I cried, laughed and every other emotion possible looking at this. It brought back all the floods of emotions I felt on our journey! You did a wonderful job and oh how blessed your family is! I think it's ok for you to slack if you come back with things like this!! :) Thank you so much...I need to do one of these :)

Jonni said...

Just checking in, how did your talk at the church go?



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