Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday already?

Oh my, time has flown by!!  I'm sick but thank goodness Little T hasn't caught it, which actually surprises me since she is all over me every minute of the day she is with me.  Yeah, that's a little whine because sometimes mommies need a break especially when they don't feel good. 

So next week is Thanksgiving.  I can't wait even though this time of year is hard for me as this is when my parents would come down.  We'd spend the day before cooking the pies and then gorge ourselves Thanksgiving day.  On Friday mom and I would usually head out to the pottery where we would bump, push, and pull with everyone else who was looking for a deal.  Yep, I do miss those times!!  This year we have Little T and Baby H!!  I'll miss mom and dad but I'll be busy with them.  We'll load everyone up in the van and head on to my BIL's house to spend time with family.  They haven't seen Baby H yet and I'm sure everyone is excited to meet her. 

Speaking of Baby H the 2 T's are coming in on Sunday!!!  I can't wait to see them.  Both Big T and I have taken the week off so it will be very relaxed and enjoyable.  Don't worry, plenty of pictures will be taken.  Oh, and speaking of pictures Little T got her first "school" picture taken.  It's so cute!!  I'll have to scan it tomorrow and post it so you guys can enjoy it too.

In the meantime here are some pictures from two weeks ago.  I took her to the park and she had a blast.  I've also got a shot of Baby H!  Not the best quality but hey, beggars can't be choosers, right? *

Baby H and her beautiful mommy:






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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yep, I'm slack too!!

Ok, I'm blaming this on Jonni!!  She's slack so I thought I could be too! 
I took Little T to her first parade yesterday.  She enjoyed most of it but didn't like the loud music.  Each time a band came by she would grab my hand and pull me back into the crowd.  She did enjoy waving to everyone though and it seems that she has the princess wave down pat!!  She's also starting to tease more now.  It's so funny to watch her and her brother play.  She'll grab something of his from his room and go running down the hall laughing and he'll chase her and say "Mom!!  She's in my stuff again!"  How funny! 
Not much else going on around here.  I'm speaking tonight at church about adoption for National Adoption month.  I've made a quick "Little T Day" video of our trip and will show it after I talk.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another short video!!

Again, not the best quality...looks like a camcorder is on Santa's list for Baby H's mommy and daddy!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween and a Tag



Okay, I get it!!  I've been tagged by Carla over at Katie Bug and Alyson over at Imagine Alyzabeth An...It's easy if you try.  The tag is to share 7 weird things about yourself.  Hmmm...that will be hard to do..NOT!!

1.  I grew up in a village in central NY that only had one stop light.

2.  This village is also the home of L. Frank Baum, who wrote the Wizard of Oz.

3.  There are yellow brick sidewalks in the village now so we can experience following the yellow brick road.

4.  My ring finger on my right hand was broken many years ago.  Now I have to have my rings customized with little "bumps" on the inside so they don't slide around because they have to be bigger than normal to fit over the hump!

5.  I used to play the viola, violin, cello, and bass.  Yep, all 4.  I was best at the viola and actually played in the Syracuse Youth Symphony

6.  I used to own a mustang that had the letter "C" painted on both sides of it.  Umm...yeah, you don't have to say anything, I already know!

7.  I am terrified of spiders.  I don't mean just a little bit scared - I mean terrified.  I can't stand them.  If I see one I start screaming and run away!!  My bff lives out in the country and I have actually went out a different door because there was a spider near her front door!!


I'm supposed to tag 7 people but the thing is everyone has already done this.  So, if you haven't consider yourself tagged!!  Leave a comment so I can go read yours!


Little T got the hang of trick or treating very quickly once she realized that people put CANDY in her bag.  She tried to say trick or treat and also signed thank you each time.  She looked so cute in her panda outfit.  We were out and about for an hour or so and then we had to head up to the football game.  Poor thing didn't get to bed until 9:30!! 

Oh, and what's up with kids coming up to the door at 9 PM??  And adults too??  There was this one little old lady, not even dressed, who had a bag and was getting candy - at 9 PM!!  OMG!!!  I just don't get people like that. 

Here are some pictures:


This is J.  Look at her beautiful eyes - gosh, just love this girl!!


Little T thinking if she likes what's in her mouth.  Notice anything different??  Look real hard!  :)


Little T running around at a fall festival we went too. 


J and Little T eating stuffing.  This isn't the clearest picture but I love that they are both eating off the same plate.  How cute!!


J was the game Twister and Little T was a panda bear.  I had her dressed in layers so she wouldn't get cold.  She had on footie pjs, black tights, and her panda outfit. 


Another picture of the 2 girls.  J has a great smile in this picture and Little T is wondering why we are torturing her!


Hehe...the backend of Little T.  She looked so cute walking away after she got her candy!! 


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