Monday, June 26, 2006

Blog looks

I'm sure you noticed (who couldn't) that the blog has changed looks and has been renamed. I haven't decided to keep this or switch back to the other one. The title also changed from ChopSticks to Baseballs and Ballerina's. Some of you might wonder where baseball comes into the mix. I have 2 boys ages 13 and 16 who play baseball almost year round and when not playing baseball they are in some other sport. If I'm not at a ball field of some sort I'm in a gym watching wrestling. I think this title more accurately describes us as a family - or will describe us as a family as soon as little T gets here.

On the adoption front nothing new has happened. China just finished matching babies with their forever families up to the 28th of June. This seems to be in line with the one year wait we are being told by our agency. Stacy, whom I met through one of my groups, sent me my very first quilt square (Thanks Stacy!!(Our Journey to Grace) I'll get a picture of it soon and post it.



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