Friday, June 23, 2006



Check out the dolls I bought for little T. Magnolia is the first dolls name. Just click her name to go to the site. I saw it on Waiting for Baby Mia's site. Click the site name to check it out! The second doll I ordered from eBay. It is a butterfly cabbage patch doll which is Asian. I've been having a difficult time finding any Asian dolls, let alone cabbage patch ones. Isn't she adorable!!??


Stacy said...

Believe it or not I found an Asian Cabbage Patch baby at It is a gamble because you can't pick her out, but here in Kentucky they are REALLY hard to find.

I LOVE the first doll. I really want to order one of those, and one of ALL the outfits. :)

Stephe said...

Hey there! I sooo want that Magnolia doll!! :)

Anyway, the answer to your question on my blog (Giorgia Danette) is the nightlight was ordered from
I hope I get it soon! I can't wait!

LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Can I put the Referral Alert on my blog?? It's soo cool!!


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