Sunday, December 28, 2008


What a wonderful day it was!  Little T was a little overwhelmed but quickly sat down next to big brother to open up her gifts.  Her favorite by far was her little mommy doll.  The minute she opened that present she stopped and wouldn't open another one until we got that doll out of the box.  Then she sat there and sang to it for a bit then fed the bottle to her.  It was so sweet!!  L was a great big brother and helped her by giving each present a little tug so that the paper was ready to tear for her. 

This is a picture of an ornament that used to be my grandmothers.  The note on the box says 1962.  There are 3 other ones that go with it, 2 round ones and another oblong one.  Grandma is here with us in spirit and I love that I can also have her here through this ornament.


Speaking of ornaments, every year my mom used to get me a new one for Christmas.  I came to be a tradition between the two of us.  When she passed away in November of 2006 and then my dad in June of 2007 I inherited all of her Christmas decorations.  Now she is with me through out the year but especially at Christmas, which was also her favorite time of year.  Miss you momma!!

This is one of my favorite ones that she got me.


Here are some ornaments of the boys when they were little visiting Santa Claus.  L decided to hang them all together this year.  Weren't my boys cutie pies??!!  Ha - L was not very happy in that one picture!!  T was always my "little man". And that picture where L is not crying - look at the mischief in his eyes.  T is as cute as ever in it also - can't believe he's a daddy now himself!



Here's Little T's first visit with Santa Claus - very guarded, no tears though!!

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Her favorite baby



J and D came over and gave Little T a bunch of toys that their daughter J no longer plays with.  They also got  an adorable outfit  for her - here's a picture of the shirt - too funny!!


J got a Nintendo DS for Christmas so we got her two games to go with it.  Here she is opening one - she was so excited!!


This is a kitchen set that Aunt J and Uncle D brought over.  Every time we go over to their house Little T runs to this set and plays with it so they decided to give it to her for Christmas.  They also gave her all the stuff that goes along with it!!  Thank you so much guys!  We love you!!


Uncle D holding one of Little T's baby dolls and yes, it has a diaper on!!


She's sitting with her baby watching the KaCee chew her bone.


Feeding her baby. 


We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year. 


Karen said...

aww! looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I love the last one of her feeding her baby!

amy said...

whoever took the pics has a fab camera. what a beautiful family!!! Glad you had a good day

Jonni said...

What goegeous photos you captured. That is such a great tradtion your mom started with the ornaments and I am sure it makes you smile when you see thwm on the tree.

I know the past 2 years have been hard with your mom and dad's passing. Sorry you have had to experuence that kind of loss.

I love the photos of "T" with her kitchen and opening the gifts. She is so adorable feeding her baby as well. Santa brought Sofia a kitchen as well. I guess I should proably post some pics soon (lol). Love you guys and what great news about the potty. Looks like you guys had a great Xmas and great first Christmas for "T".


doubledaughterhappy said...

Just wanted to pop by and say hi. It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. We did as well. Things were busy but great. I sent you an email with a funny Evelyn story earlier in Dec., not sure if you got it. Little T is precious!


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