Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decorating the Tree!

Little T caught on pretty quickly when it came time to decorate the Christmas tree.  She was amazed that we had a tree in the house and when we put lights on it she just kept smiling and pointing.  Of course the ornaments she hung ended up all in a row on the bottom. 

Keep T up in West Virginia in your prayers.  He has an infected lymph node down just lower than his belly.  As you might remember he had MRSA almost 2 years ago that landed him in the hospital and in surgery.  Since then he has had it 3 or 4 more times.  When he was around 8 months old he had an infected lymph node in his neck that also landed him in the hospital for 10 days.  (Oh the memories.  Poor kid is allergic to the tape that they used to hold down the IV.  What did our wonderful staff at the hospital do?  Put the same tape on his other hand - never mind the first hand was red, swollen and had peeling skin.)  Anyway, they tested him for some off the wall disease (Chronic Granulomatous Disease or CGD)and it came back inconclusive so now we aren't sure what is going on.  He goes to the surgeon on Monday to have it cut out and sent off for tests.  He's rather excited because he's going to watch them cut it out but I'm a bit nervous. 

Also, keep Big T in your thoughts and prayers.  He's got a big decision that he needs to make that will affect the whole family.  He knows my thoughts on this but I've yielded the final decision to him. 

Here are a few pictures of Little T.




Jonni said...

Adorable pictures of "T" and I hope that the other "T" is doing okay now. Poor guy.


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