Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Decisions, decisions

So, I know that some of you are wondering what the decision was that Big T had to make. I got a phone call last week out of the blue from our agency asking us to consider adopting a little boy. He's 1 1/2 yrs old with some developmental delays. Now....don't get too excited (Jonni), we decided that at this time it's just not right for us. Yep, my heart was broken, he's such a cutie pie! But, I told Big T I would yield to him on this decision because my heart was already in love with the little guy. Big T made some good points as to why we can't adopt him right now and I do agree with him. We prayed about it for almost a week and just felt that God wasn't leading us to adopt him. But...BUT, Big T did THINK about it! Hmmm...maybe another adoption isn't out of the question!! We'll see next year! :)
Update on T - he went to the surgeons on Monday and that doctor doesn't think it's an infected lymph node, he thinks its some type of fatty tissue/tumor thingy. No, not the C word, both doctors don't think that but he is going to cut it out next monday. Please keep him in your prayers!
Here are some pictures - the first one is her school picture and the last three are some pictures we had taken in July!


amy said...

ok these are sooo beautiful. and what a decision you had to make!

Carol said...

We so understand..we thought about this too, but it isn't the right time for us either........

Jonni said...

I know that it was such a hard decision to make but you know if it is right and the time was just not right. The photos of little T are so cute. Hope you send me one! Hope Big T is feeling better and that the procedure went okay. We are thinking of you guys. How scary.

P.S. I knew you would start thinking about another adoption in the future...I just knew it. :)



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