Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Wow - I have so much to be thankful for!!  My wonderful family, my husband, my 3 beautiful kids (3 - love that number!), my gorgeous granddaughter, my soon to be wonderful daughter-in-law...and so much more.  What a great week we had with the kids.  Little T and Baby H did real well together though Little T did get jealous a few times when I would hold the baby.  That's good though - shows good attachment.

Thanksgiving at my BIL's was also very good.  It's always great to see family and friends.  Everyone was so excited to see Baby H and Little T and oh my how the A's, C and G have grown!!  Little A is only 10 months old and he's been walking for 2 months now.  Look out world!  Big A is just as handsome as he always is and so full of energy.  C is always shy at first but warms up quickly especially when we give him a big tickle hug, and G - her eyes and her curls will steal some boy's heart one day.  See?  So many things to be thankful for!!

I took a ton of pictures and will post some tonight.  We also went and had some family pictures taken.  I know I promised Little T's school photo but I haven't had the time to scan it yet - sorry!  I'll do that tomorrow and get that along with the family pictures up.  In the meantime here is a bunch to enjoy!


Little T and Baby H:


Baby H


Baby H showing us her tongue!


Baby H - she smiled all the time!!


Little T giving me "the look"


Little T on the wrestling mat - she had a ball running and rolling around!


This is Foy - he is a friend of T's and came bowling with us.  He's a great guy and we always enjoy his company!

p7'm not sure this car seat is mine!


Little T choosing her bowling ball.


At my BIL's house I told his son B that I was going to take his picture and post it to my blog - this is the pose he gave me!!  Such a clown!


Little T helping Baby A drink some water.  Baby A is 8 months old and almost as big as Little T!! 


Little T on the swing at my BIL's house.  She finally loves to swing!!


I know - too cute!!  This is Baby A!


I tried to get a picture of the two girls together but that was just about impossible.  They were both too busy!! This is probably the best shot of them and Little T is flying out of her chair!


My beautiful granddaughter.


Yep - another one - can't help it - she's just too cute!!p16

A good picture of T with his daughter.


Playing with cars



Baby A standing on the wine rack.  J & J had to remove the wine glasses because he stands there and shakes it!!



Ahh Big A - his smile will brighten anyone's day!



amy said...

what beautiful pictures. looks like you guys have been having fun

Jonni said...

Okay chick, I just got all caught up. First off, I am loving the new blog redesign and those pictures of T are just so cute, especially the one where she is in the infant carrier and the one where she is giving you "the look". I love the photos in your header too. I am loving Miss T's new haircut and the photo of her, T and H.

We have been sick and trying to feel better but it has been really tough, some cough/cold thing...ARGH!



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