Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 - Could this be THE year??

Is this the year that we will go get our daughter? Who knows!! It depends on CCAA and how they do their referrals. I hope and pray they will get back to the 6 month time frame but only time will tell.

In an earlier blog I talked about names for our little one. Right now we are leaning towards Tommianne Claire CN but that is a mouthful!! My youngest does not like just Tommie but is okay with Tommianne. I'm concerned about how this will be mispronounced once she starts going to school. Decisions, decisions.

Back to the new year - Our last homestudy interview is this Thursday. I've contacted my friends and they will get our references to us by then. We get our fingerprints on th 28th so we should get our 171 by February. They say it takes 3 months from the date you sent in the I600A - which ours was at the end of November. So maybe this could be our timeframe:
March DTC
November Referral
December/January 2007 travel??

Oh what a Christmas we will have this year!! And the November referral is going along with the 8 month track that CCAA is currently on so maybe if they get back on track we could actually have our referral by September!!!! Either way I will at least know what she looks like. Happy dancing!!

Oh, and yes, it is 2006 and time for resolutions. I was going to a few resolutions but what is the point. I never keep them. So here are a few things I will strive to do this year:

1. Be kinder and speak kinder to everyone.
2. Think before I speak (yeah, right!!).
3. Let go of all grudges and hurts and really forgive the ones who hurt me.
4. Read the bible from front to back.

Just four - trying to keep things on a small scale this year.



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