Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Scrapbook or Quilt or Both??

Now that we are coming to the end of our paperchase I'm starting to think about a 100 wish quilt or a 100 scrapbook. One of the other bloggers on my favorite board is doing a scrapbook and I must say, doing a great job!! I think I'm going to combine the two. I want a quilt for our little one but I would also like a scrapbook of the wishes. Instead of just putting the wish and scrap on paper I will create a page for each one. In fact, if Donna doesn't mind I'm going to copy her idea and give famiily/friends the choice to create a page for the scrapbook or to have me create one. That way I can have the best of both worlds.

Update on paperchase. This Thursday (1/5) we will be meeting our sw for the last interview. She should get the draft to her boss and we should have it in our hands in a week. On the 28th of this month is our fingerprint appointment. If all goes well our homestudy should already be there when we get fingerprinted. I'm also going to get my passport done on Thursday and dh is going to sometime this week. Once that is done I can get everything notarized, certified and authenticated. I'm really leaning towards the assistant stork to get the paperwork authenticated. She walks it right over to the Chinese consulate which saves time. I should have all that done by the end of the month so all we will be waiting on is the 171H, which should come in February.


Donna & Joe said...

I'm so glad I started my Good Wishes book for Lauren. It's so cool how many people out there are willing to take the time to create a wish and come up with such beautiful pages. I'm hoping the book will be a special keepsake for Lauren and that she'll appreciate all the anticipation and love we had for her even before we ever knew her.

I hope you decide to do one too.

Donna :)


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