Friday, January 20, 2006

Nothing New Happening

I haven't had anything to blog about recently. Nothing has been happening with the adoption. I did call our homestudy agency and was told that ours was next to be reviewed. Hopefully CCAI will ge getting it soon along with BCIS. I am getting excited about this weekend. Not only are we getting fingerprinted but CNY is being celebrated that day. Hubby and I are going to check everything out!

Doesn't someone out there want to put me in their will? Hey, I know, Tina and Scott O - Kai is "coming into some money" right? Let's get our kids together!! (jk) I honestly think I would go nuts at home all day but sometimes I really wonder. If there was anyway for me to stay at home I might...but alas, there really isn't so why am I even thinking about it?? Actually, I like my job, it is just stressful at times and most of that stress is what I put on myself. That and the so called deadlines that are most of the time unattainable!! Why do people want something ASAP and then when you deliver it, they just say..oh, I'll get to it next week. HUH??!! I just worked my butt off and you'll get to it next week??!! jeez!!! And then we have this one guy who has to walk around in our area to make sure we are here...yes, that's right. He has no other reason to come over here except to see who is and who isn't here. I know, that's how some people get their kicks!

Hmm....looks like I need to go meet with the girls tonight and talk with Jose!!



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