Sunday, January 14, 2007

MRSA and the Next Day

I took T back to the doctors the next morning after he had 24 hours of antibiotics. The doctor took one look at his leg and sent him to the hospital. We got checked in and they started him on an IV for stronger antibiotics. A surgeon came in to look at it and said that he would need to cut out the infection. Oh great! So here we are in a small hospital room (T is over 6' tall!) in the pediatric wing which is on the same floor as the "crazy" people. We've been told that they think it is MRSA and that he will need surgery. We got up there around 9:30 and T has had nothing to eat or drink. At 5:00 the nurse comes in and says the surgery would be the next day - Ty just said "Please get me some food, I'm starving!".

Fast forward to after dinner. The nurse came back and started him on another antibiotic. About 15 minutes or so later T is itching his head like crazy. I ask him to stop and he says he can't. He even asked me to itch it. I turned on the light to look at him and called the nurse. The kid's face was swollen and red, his neck and chest was red, and the back of his neck hives started breaking out! Yep - that's right, he's allergic to that particular drug. DH came up to his room and spent the night with him so I went home.

The next morning he was taken down to surgery. T has a high tolerance for valuim so they decided to just put him under. He came back to the room sleeping but fine. They got all the infection out along with the dead flesh. The surgeon came up to the room that evening and said that he wanted T to stay in the hospital until Monday or Tuesday. Great. The kid has already missed too much school and now it's exams! We also got confirmation that it is MRSA. The surgeon left the wound open and packed it. He'll have a nice scar once it heals.

On Saturday they took him down to physical therapy. They unwrapped his leg and put it into a whirlpool. They they re-packed the wound and re-wrapped his leg. We spoke to the doctor and he said that T could probably come home on Saturday once they got the sensitivity test back. This test is used to see what drug the MRSA would be more sensitive to. They finally got the results back and sent him home with the correct oral antibiotics.

His leg looks gross!! I'd take a picture but my camera is at my bil's house.


a&mg said...

OMG, poor T! I can't believe all he is having to go through!! And you as well. I hope you are all doing better very soon.

Carla said...

Oh my goodness! That's scary, but I'm glad he's doing okay. Hopefully the doc did get it all.


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