Friday, January 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hmmm…yesterday sure was a pity party for me day!! I was cheered up by my CCAI Secret pal gift!! It is a wonderful book filled with pictures about China!! I just love it. J (who is going with us) is going to borrow it also. Thank you so much SP!! As usual, you rock!

On to my crafty projects. I’ve started the bear and have actually finished the body. It looks funny though, kind of lopsided. Maybe it will look better after I do the arms tonight. I also want to start the clown and I’ve found a project for the pig.

Talking about pigs, I’m seeing where people are saying this is the year of the golden pig. I’ve read where this only happens every 600 years. This legend says if a child is born in the year of the golden pig she will experience a prosperous and wealthy life. Some are saying that this is the year of the Fire Pig. In fact, there is more evidence that this is the year of the Fire Pig so that is what I’m going by. The pig is the last sign of the zodiac the pig represents “resignation” accepting human nature as it is – content to live and let live.

I got in the car this morning and one of my fav songs was on – Paradise by the Dashboard Lights by Meat Loaf.

Went to lunch today with some friends. Had a hamburger – there goes the diet!! Lots of stuff going down around work that I can’t write about. Suffice it to say that we don’t know where we’ll be a year from now. Ugh!!!!

Did I mention that I’m tired of waiting??!!

Check out this video – it is performed by 21 dancers who are all deaf. The video link below shows members of the Chinese Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe doing a beautiful dance, called the Thousan-Hand Guanyin. All of the 21 dancers are deaf, relying only on signals from trainers at the four corners of the stage. It's lead dancers is Tai Lihua, who has a BA from the Hubei Fine Arts Institute. The video was recorded in Beijing during the Spring Festival last year.

If you look over at the links you’ll see a picture with the words “Wordless”. I’ve decided to do Wordless Wednesdays (ww). Click on the picture and you can also sign up for ww. I think this will be fun and at least I’ll have to post each Wednesday!!

One more thing – I want to see our daughter’s face!!!!!!


a&mg said...

I will look forward to your first wordless Wednesday!! Sounds like an interesting idea.

Jonni said...

Love Paradise by the Dashboard Lights. I hope that we can see our daughters cute little faces soon too!


Karen said...

Love Paradise by Dashboards?? never heard of that one..must be before my time! :-P

oh and vent on about know I will read it! I have some stuff written up about it still in draft!


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