Thursday, February 23, 2006

Curious About George

This is Curious George. There was some discussion on one of the forums I'm on about whether or not a 3 yr old from China should see this. Now you may ask yourself what is there to discuss about this. It seems that there is a scene where the man in the yellow hat allows George to be captured and sent back to Africa. So, what? That is considered to some an abandonment issue! I know, I know...I don't see the problem here either. I mean, its a movie folks! I want to protect my daughter too, believe me I do, but I will refuse to hide her away from these so called "issues". The posters were saying that their daughters were very sensitive. hmmmm....we adults read too much into EVERYTHING!! I took a 3 year old last night to this movie. We had the whole theatre to ourselves. Was she upset when the mean guys came and put George back on the boat? Was she sad? Did she ask her mommy why the man in the yellow hat was abandoning poor George? Did she just fall out and cry her little eyes out? Nope. Ya wanna know what she did? She ran all over the theatre, hopping up and down the steps, getting stuck in the seats, and just having the best time sitting in all the different seats. She hardly even watched the movie, let alone become upset because George was going back home. Did she understand this so called abandonment issue? Nope, she's only 3!! All she knows is that she got to go see a movie on a real big tv, eat some popcorn and rasinets, play with the folding seats (help momma, I'm stuck!), and hop up and down the stairs.

I will protect and love my daughter, but I will not keep her so closed up that she is not prepared to face what is outside of our safe little family. If you have a little one, take them to the movie. Enjoy how they react to the "big tv". Enjoy the "help momma I'm stuck", enjoy each and every laugh, each and every tear, each and every moment, because they grow up way too fast!



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