Monday, February 27, 2006

Cyber Shower

On Saturday, the 25th, I went to my first cyber shower. What is a cyber shower? It is where a group of us get together on line, send each other a gift, then meet on a scheduled date and time and open up the gift you received. It was a bunch of fun! I met 2 people who are just a few months behind me in the paper chase and they live out towards Raleigh! My gift came in the mail a few weeks ago and has been sitting on my counter teasing me! When I opened the box there was some confetti, a piggy bank with the Cinese symbol of love on it, some Chinese candy, a pretty purple blanket with a butterfly and dragon fly on it, an adorable panda bear that had a message recorded on it, and a book that I can put our pictures in and and send to China. She also sent a card that she made which was so sweet. I'll take a picture and post it so everyone can see it.

Saturday was also my birthday and big T surprised me with a quick beach get-a-way! The boys went to their friends house and after the shower we took off for the beach. It was very nice! The weather wasn't very cooperative, but just to get away was fantastic. We didn't do much, just went out to dinner, then back to the condo to hang out. In the morning we went to breakfast then came home. I know, like I said we didn't do much. It was nice all the same! One of his friends has this condo for 5 or 6 months so when the weather gets warmer we are going to take the boys down for the weekend. We are not beach people but it will be a mini vacation for us and the boys will enjoy it.

Adoption news - the latest referals were sent out and go through the 25th of May. Looks like we are going to have a 10 month wait until we meet our daughter. I also have to call NY again to get them to fax me the needed letter so we can finish up with the paperwork.



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