Monday, February 20, 2006

Doing the Happy Dance

Can you see me? I'm going around in circles with my hands in the air and my head back just screaming and laughing!! I got the 10 documents back on Sunday from the assistant stork. They have all be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate!! That means that all we are really waiting for is our marriage certificate (which I have to send out yet) and the 171H which will hopefully come when they get our new homestudy. If feels so good to have most of this done!!

So, while I've been waiting for the paperwork to be ready I've tried to keep myself busy doing other things. So far I've crocheted a nice size blanket for T and I'm working on a smaller one. I'm going to go to Michael's tonight and see if they have a bag of cloth tags. If so I'm going to sew them to this smaller blanket and make it a "tabby blankie" for her. I've also knitted 2 hats and I'm almost done with the 3rd hat for the kids at the orphanage. I might do some scarves too. I sure do have plenty of time!! I wonder how many blankets, scarves, and hats I can make in a year!! I think 6 months into the wait I'll start on her "corner nursery".

We talked about digital cameras and laptops this weekend and what I planned to bring with me. Big T questioned why I would need a laptop and I said "Don't you want to see our daughter placed in my arms for the first time?". He said of course he want's to see that!! My heart just fluttered! I hope that the wait times creep back down because I sure would like to have her by this Christmas!!

Nothing else has been happening. I'm waiting on something from NY so that Nathanson's can finish up our homestudy. - again! Come on do everything else fast...let's get off your can and get going!!



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