Monday, February 27, 2006

People Just Don't Get It!!

I was looking at one of my adoption forums this morning and I saw this post about an anti-adoption site. (Thanks Donna!) They are so quick to judge. There are so many little ones who need a home, who need a mom and dad, who need to be loved and cherished. Yes, they are loved in an orphanage, but its not the same. You and I both know it. We are not buying our daughter, we are not "saving" our daughter, we are not doing this because it is the "trendy thing to do". We are going to adopt a little girl to give her the love, attention, and support that every child deserves. Why should she sit in an orphanage if we have the ability to meet her needs? Why should she be scared and lonely, to suffer a life where she will not be able to realize her full potential? There are over 1 million little girls missing in China each year. Over 1 million! The people at the anti-adoption site are selfish. The children that are adopted have been left in front of police stations, on the side of the road, in front of orphanages, on the bus. The penalty in China for having a second child is extremely high. They are fined almost a years worth of wages, the children can be denied residence, food rations, and even schooling.

We are not taking these girls away from their heritage, away from who they are. We are going to love and support them. We are going to dream with them, cry with them, and laugh with them.


Anonymous said...

Heh. Want to hear the best irony? Right now, there's a tiny handful of them freaking out over a story about some abusive adoptive parents who put their child on a leash.

Well, obviously, abusive parents ... of which the world has too many, both bio and adoptive ... should be strung up. All abuse is patently evil.

However, the irony is that in my Chinese adoption workshop group, there was a woman who had previously adopted a five-year old girl. The child had been found at the age of approximately three. The child had been tied to a table in a public market place, on leash, presumably by the bio parents. The child said that her mother had just had a baby boy.

Now how's that for irony? How much dancing do you think the anti's would do in order to justify the *birth*mother's use of that abominable leash?


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