Monday, February 06, 2006

Just some thoughts

A quick update on the paperwork. I received most of the paperwork back certified from NC. I have not received T's employment verification back. I checked the USPS website but the confirmation number I have but it is not in transit yet. Wonder what's going on with that? Oh, and our marriage certificate came back again!! Jeez....duh C!!! You weren't married in Onondaga never LIVED in Onondaga County! Now I got to send it back for the third time to get it certified. In the meantime I'm going to use the assistant stork and send her the 7 pieces I have now for authentication.

I got an email from our agency after they reviewed the homestudy. There are 5 changes that will need to be made then it will be all set. A few of them are about our parents health. They don't want anything in the home study talking about heart disease (T's dad and my mom). So, the sw will take that out. She will also have to change the financial information to match what our petition says...which is what I told her to begin with!! Anyway, I emailed the home study agency with the changes and they left a message on our answering machine stating they should have it changed in the next week or!!! I don't think so!! If we don't get it back by Friday I'll make a phone call. I've heard nothing but good things about this home study agency but my experience has not been the best. The communication between them and us is horrible. I have to call and leave messages and call again to finally get some answers to my questions.

So, we decided on the name of Tiana Claire. Pretty, yes, I agree, but the more I think about this other name in my head the more I really lean towards it. It doesn't roll off your tongue like the first one does but everytime I say it I think of both my mom and grandma and just smile. The name is Tommiann. Yes, one word, maybe with a dash, like Tommi-Ann. The middle name would still be Claire along with her Chinese name. Writing it with the dash seems to look better and would stand a better chance to be pronounced correctly once she gets to school Alot of people have been talking on APC about 2 middle names and the pros and cons of them. There was also a post about an older girl being adopted and how she couldn't understand why the Americans chop up the Chinese name. For example, the name could be Fu Hong Lei. Fu is usually the orphanage name or the directors name. Hong Lei is the girls name. A bunch of families would just keep the Lei. The girl said that would be like having the name of Karen and just using Kar. So, we will probably keep her whole Chinese name...which will make her name even longer!! Tommi-Ann Claire Hong Lei .....she'll probably cuss us out everytime she has to fill out legal documents or get her driver's license!!

We hoped to be DTC by the end of this month but it looks like it will be March. So with the current time lines I think we'll have her picture by November or December and then travel next year. It seems sooo far away but it's already February....come on time...keep flying by!!!!



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