Monday, February 13, 2006



Yes, that is frustration you see!! T took me aside when I got home Friday night and said "we have a problem". Seems his clearance came back with something on it. Never mind that nothing is suppose to show up, or that this was suppose to be expunged, or that it was 27 YEARS still showed up. Now we have to do a horse and pony show for Homeland Security, and I still haven't heard back from our agency. (I called them on Friday after he told me.) I'm going crazy here pulling my hair out. It is 10:30 in Colorado...why haven't they gotten back to me? We are so close to completing the paperwork....

Ok, now I'm whining. I'll wait until 2:00 here and if I don't hear anything back I'll call them again. If we have to do another home study and I got to find the place to get records then I want to start now...not tomorrow.

I just checked on line and I saw where the post office tried to delivery my package to the A.S. but they left a note...huh?? I did sign the waiver of signature.... I also emailed her on Friday and again today but she has not acknowledged either one but I'm sure she will today. She's been very helpful thus far so I'm sure I'll hear from her soon.



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