Friday, February 24, 2006

We still haven't received anything from NY. If we don't today I'm going to call again and have them fax the needed paperwork to me. This is just hold us up!! I'm climbing the ladder and I'm almost at the top rung, just about to step into that light....then boom...I'm knocked back down.

I know, I know...all in due time...but I'm so frustrated! Everything that happens has a reason, yes, I do believe that. Last night we could have won 1000 in a reverse drawing, but the number that we get each year was given to another couple. That's okay - that couple must have needed the money more than we did. It took a year for big T to finally say yes to adoption, that's okay too. I was a peace with it and knew that he would when he was ready.'s taking 4 months to get this paperwork done and becasue of this last fiasco we probably won't be DTC until the end of March!!! I was hoping to see our daughters face by Christmas. Unlese CCAA speeds up the referrals, this won't happen. The agency is saying a 10 month wait. That means January of 2007!!! ugh!!



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