Friday, February 10, 2006

So Close!!

I just sent off 10 documents to be authenticated to the Assistant Stork. She will walk the documents to the state department and to the Chinese embassy for a moderate fee.

Documents left to be certified:

1. Homestudy
2. Marriage Certificate
3. 171-H

Documents sent to the Assistant Stork

1. Financial Statement
2. Employment verification – T
3. Employment verification – C
4. Police Clearance – T
5. Police Clearance – C
6. Adoption Petition
7. Physical – T
8. Physical – C
9. Birth Certificate – T
10. Birth Certificate – C

Rumors are flying around the different boards. Some say that CCAA is going to pick up the pace and send referrals from the 2nd half of May all the way into the middle of June. Some say that referrals will not even come this month and when they do come next month they will only be for the last half of May. Some agencies are telling people they will have an 8 to 10 month wait, others are saying 12 months. Good grief!! I'm trying so hard to get DTC by the end of the month dependentependant on the 171 coming....and I don't expect it until the end of this month.

Waiting...I'm not very good at this waiting game...what am I going to do while we wait? T will keep busy with the boys, this isn't the front runner in his head but it is mine!! I've already crocheted one blanket and I've started another one. We are only doing a corner nursery so that project won't take a bunch of time. I don't want to go shopping for clothes or baby items until I know how old and what size she will be. Any ideas?



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