Friday, June 06, 2008

4 more days!

That's 4 days until we leave to go to China and get Little T!!! Wow - this week has really flown by. We've been busy getting ready for the graduation party tomorrow, busy getting ready for the trip, just plain busy!! L has baseball on top of all this so we are out in this awful heat cheering him on. T graduates tomorrow at 9 am (thank goodness it's early and it will only be about 80 out). Then everyone is coming to the house for the party! The pool is ready, the deck is ready and we're ready.

I also got his graduation gift today. I think he'll be very surprised. I can't say what it is here because he checks the blog out but I know he'll like it - plus I'm going to take it to China with me...!!

Big T said he'll be lonely for the next few weeks without us...yeah, right! He's going to putter around the house, paint Little T's room a very pretty pale yellow, set up her crib, and enjoy the peace and quiet while he can. I just set up a short cut for him for the blog so he can keep track of it. I named it "T CLICK HERE!" - he can't miss it! :)

Ok - time for another ballgame and then back home to vacuum one last time!


Mysty and Anthony said...

okay, I have a weird question...I have looked all over for the answer and can't find the new little girl yours or your niece? I am thinking niece, but not really sure. Also, are you going to blog on here while you are in China? I think the places you are going it should be okay. We had problems in Beijing, but you aren't going there so you should be fine. Just want to keep up with you and see the new pics of little T!! Get some sleep if you can, you will need it...the plane ride is LONG!!! Prayers to you!!

Kudo said...

You are supper Mom and make me nervous just thinking about all the things you can do in such a short amount of time. Hows the packing going? I'm at the visa stage and hoping for TA this week.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Hot damn girlfriend! You are one amazing Mommy and I know "T" will love his graduation gift. Hope you are almost packed for your trip, you must be about to go crazy! Can't wait to see sweet Tiana in your arms.


Mysty and Anthony said...

Well, you leave tomorrow, it's Monday the 9th so..just wanted to say I know exactly how you are feeling and oh my goodness!!! I just want you to know that I wil be praying for you all these next 2 weeks. It's HOT there, so take it easy but enjoy all the time, although 2 weeks sound long, it goes by fast. It's an amazing journey and the emotions are amazing! It is very easy to see God's hand in it all...esp your little one. It's simply a blessing to see how she fits perfectly in your arms, heart and family!! God bless all of you and your jouney. I look forward to following it!!

Carla said...


*dang I have Annie stuck in my head now*

so darn excited for you!


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