Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last day in Hong Kong

Yesterday we went on a tour with our CCAI group. We visited a fishing village, a jewelery factory, a shopping area and Victoria Peak. It was all fun and we enjoyed ourselves. Before our tour we went to a Dim Sum lunch. This consisted of may different types of dumplings. Some had shrimp in them, some beef, and one even had some crab eggs on top of it. L wouldn't even try that one. They also served some sweet and sour pork along with some fried rice.

At the jewelery factory I was looking at some jade for Little T. L kept coming over to me and saying "no mom...we're broke, she doesn't need it". I was really thinking about getting a bracelet for her and as I'm looking at it another salesman calls L away from me, puts his arm around him and whispers something in his ear. I thought he was just getting him away so that I would maybe buy the jade. I ended up NOT buying it and as we got on the bus I asked L what they guy said to him. He just smiled and said he that his fly was down! hehe....that's my L!!

Right now we are in Guangzhou waiting out the rain. Our flight over was very short, just 30 minutes! We are staying at the Victory and I'm so glad we got a suite. It's nice and roomy. It has 2 separate areas, one bedroom and the other a sort of living room. J and I just finished up getting the money and gifts ready - oh, I ended up buying some more lotion while in Hong Kong. Our guide said that would be fine.

I've got so many pictures (yes, I bought a card reader yesterday for 10 bucks - great prince)that I've decided to put them on flicker. Just click here for the slideshow or here if you want the thumbnails.

Tomorrow we get Little T!! We are sooo excited.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

OMG Carla, that's too funny about the guy telling "L" that his fly was down! The dim sum sounds yummy and I am glad that you guys made it to Guangzhou okay. I don't think I could have eaten the crab eggs either...Ewwwww! So glad you gut the card reader too. You should be in the process of receiving sweet little "T" when you get this message....How exciting! I am going to go check out your pics now.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...


Great pictures of China. You took some really amazing pics. Just noticed you got the glo-worm with you...too cool!


MississippiZen said...

Not much longer now until you hold your precious little girl! Love the pictures and I can't wait to see T in your arms!!!!!!!!

(mommy to another DG beauty!)


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