Sunday, June 22, 2008

Amusement Park and Pearl market

Yesterday we decided to be brave and go to the amusement park Chimelong paradise. We had to ride 45 minutes in a taxi which was fun in of itself! Very interesting to watch the people drive. Where there are 2 lanes they will make 4 lanes! Bikes, motor scooters, cars, and people all share the same road.

We got to the ausement park around 12 and it was very busy. L had to wait an hour for the most popular ride - a roller coaster that inverts 10 different times! After that we walked around and rode quite a few more rides. People came up to us and would ask about Little T and say that she looked Chinese! We also had our picture taken quite a bit. I have a card that I wear around my neck that explains that we are Americans here to adopt Little T and that she is from Dongguan City. Once they read that they understand. We were just about the only Americans there. Oh - one more thing, while waiting in line it was not unusual for the kids to try to get ahead of us. J and L went on a water ride and said that about 10 people got ahead of them when they let 1 person go. When I was in line with L I didn't let anyone get ahead of us.

Little T enjoyed the park also. A parade went by and towards the end they put a ton of little streamers in the air. Little T would grab these off the ground after they fell and put them in the trash can. This occupied her for at least an hour! She's very neat and knows to wipe her face and hands after eating.

The park started to close around 7 pm (on a Saturday!) so we headed to the exit. We got a taxi again but this time he wanted to charge us almost twice as much as it cost to get there. We paid 80 yuan to get there and he wanted 150 to get back. I told him no and he says 120 and again I told him no and started to walk away. He then yelled out the window 100 and I said fine. The trip back was just as interesting as going with the cars and all.

Today we went to the Pearl market where I bought 3 strands, one for me, one for T and one for our granddaughter. I'll give T hers either when she gets married or turns 18, I'm not sure yet. I also had to fill out some more paperwork for the adoption today.

Little T is really starting to show her little personality. When she doesn't get her way she'll cry and she loves to laugh. She has such a sweet laugh and her little cry just breaks my heart. When she puts that pout face on she can have anything she wants!! She's already spoiled!!


Kudo said...

Sounds like fun. My travel companion was a ride designer for Disney and he would love to ride a Chiness roller coster. We may have to add this to our to do list. Little T sounds like she had a good time what a troupper.

Carla said...

Oooh sounds so fun! Dh would loved that amusement park. :)

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Your trip to the amusement park sounded fun. I love that people said that little "T" looks Chinese (you don't say?) (lol). She is a beauty Carla and it is hard not to spoil these sweet little girls. We are totally whipped around here too. Not too much longer and you will be back home. Can't wait to see you when you stop in Syracuse. :)


Karen said...

I bet L had fun at the amusement park! I would have loved those rides!! T looks very happy!


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