Friday, June 13, 2008

Kowloon Tour and What else did I forget??

Today we decided to splurge and do a tour of Kowloon since we tour Hong Kong tomorrow. We visited a Buddist temple, Kam Tin Walled Village, Lok Ma Chau Lookout (we were able to see China from here), the Wishing Tree, and a jewelery factory. Calm down Big T! I only spent a little. L kept telling me to remember that we were broke! You taught him well!!

For dinner tonight we decided to get adventerous. Oh man - that was fun. We were seated and noticed right away that there were only chop sticks. Then we were served tea, our drinks, and some peanuts with a side of some type of hot sauce. J tried the peanuts with the sauce and almost lost it the sauce was so hot. She even used her chopsticks! I was so proud. After we all decided what to get (hey Big T...guess what I was going to get?!!) we sat there and played with our chopsticks and waited...and waited....and waited...and, yep, you guessed it, waited some more. At one point I looked down at the plate in front of me and noticed a live fly on its back...lovely! Well, after we waited some more we decided to just forget it and leave. I told L to finish up his drink and went to say something to J and she was gone!! That girl booked out of that restaurant so fast and left me and L just sitting there with our jaws dropped. We finally ended up at another restaurant and then came back to the hotel. L is already asleep and we will be following closely behind. Tomorrow we tour Hong Kong.

I know you guys want pictures but as the title of the post foretells I forgot the card reader! I'm sure someone in my group has one but I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Oh, I also forgot all of the gifts at home!! Hey you BTDT folks - what am I going to do?? I'm just a tad bit stressed about that. Any suggestions?


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

That is one funny story about the restaurant. Sorry to hear you forgot your card reader, I would have LOVED to have seen pictures of that fly on its back...EEEEW! :)

That was also funny about "J" just taking off from the restaurant, well you can't give her too hard of a time, she did travel all the way to China. Now that's a great friend! :)

That's cute about what "L" said about being broke, well you can always tell "T" when you get home that things were such a great deal, you just had to buy everything.

So sorry to hear that you forgot your gifts. You must have just about died when you realized it. I would ask your guide, he or she probably has a good idea of something that you could give. Take care and have fun tomorrow on your tour of Hong Kong and please find a picture reader, I need pictures!!!! :)


Carla said...

Ask the others in your group if they have extras, I'm sure they will understand AND have extras! {hug}

I hope you have a card reader (but that's a personal reason why).

Kudo said...

Find a Wal*Mart they are everywhere


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