Monday, June 23, 2008

Visa Picture, Medical exam and Red Couch

Yesterday was busy with the visa picture and medical exams. Little T did fine until they laid her down to be measured and weighed. She didn't like that one bit. She also didn't like it when they tried to stick a tongue depressor in her mouth. Notice I said tried! She clenched down her teeth and wouldn't let anything in her mouth. She does that when I brush her teeth too! She weighed in at around 20 pounds. We also took our group pictures on the red couch. Our travel mates little girl is just precious and when we sat them together she took Little T's hand.

She is starting to sound a little better - still congested though in her chest. She's also becoming a little bit more vocal - no words yet though. Her little smile will brighten up the room and her laughter is just too precious. We are so in love with this little munchkin!!

Last night we ate at the Cow and Bridge again. I had fried rice with pork and L had some dish that was very spicy. He ate most of it and I tried some too. The other day when we went to the pearl market we also went to a Chinese restaurant. It was pretty interesting. L tried everything and Little T ate everything I gave her. When we finished L asked if we could stop by McD's. hehe - he tried everything but didn't like much. I did too but ended up going pretty hungry!!

Today we are going to a park and then meeting some friends at Lucy's for dinner. L isn't going - he said today is a "free day" and he wants to sleep in.

Blogger is giving me a hard time posting pictures - I'll try again later.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Hope you have a wonderful dinner at Lucy's and I am so glad to hear that things are going so well. Just think, it's almost time to come home...YAY!



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