Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Better late than Never!!

Sorry everyone! We've been busy with appointments. Yesterday we had 2 interviews. They asked me if I was happy with T - umm...yep, think so!! They also asked why Big T didn't come and if he agreed that we adopt her. It wasn't too hard to explain why.

Today we went to get her passport. She did very well for me. She loves her squeaky shoes and will run the minute I put her down. We also ate some local food tonight. It was very good. J had the noodles and I actually like them. Little T did too - she eats so well. Anything I give her she'll try.

She is coming out of her shell now. It's great seeing her laugh! Every where we go people comment on how good she is and how tiny she is. Like I said, she is wearing 12 month clothes - very small. We'll work extra hard to get some weight on her! She's not talking yet - just some little grunts and laughs. I learned tonight that she knows cantonese and not manderian. wonder when I say boo (no in manderian) she just looks at me and smiles!

Oh - would you like to see some pictures of our little cutie pie?? Well, I guess I'll go ahead and show you some.

Litte T running to me

Big brother playing with me - see that tongue? Wonder who she reminds me of D??!!

This is L - she is the beautiful daughter of a friend I met on line and now in person. She loves hats! This is her smile when I put the hat on her head:

And this is what Little T looks like when I put the hat on her...not too happy!!

Here's one last picture - our angel sleeping! Everyone say awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!


MississippiZen said...

T is just beautiful! She looks like she is doing so well.

L looks like another little one that will be coming home to MS :) Small world!!

Love the updates!


Carla said...

OH I did saw Awwwww. She's beautiful! I can't believe she is Katie's size!!!! She is itty bitty tiny.

Karen said...

AWWWWW!!! I can't wait to meet her!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Awwww! Little "T" is just beautiful! So glad to hear that things are going so well and thanks for the update and pictures. I know how hard it can be to post while in China, so thanks for doing it. Looks like you guys are having fun!

P.S. She is tiny and adorable. ;)


Carol said...


Emily hates hats too....

Cheri H said...

Love the picture of her sleeping! Hope you are all having fun and getting enough sleep at the same time!


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