Monday, June 09, 2008

Itinerary for China

Ok everyone, here's the where and when of our China trip.

June 10th - Fly to Hong Kong
June 11th - enter Hong Kong (6:50pm)
June 12th - possible amusement park - tour Hong Kong on our own
June 13th - meet with travel group
June 14th - tour Hong Kong with group
June 15th - fly to Guangzhou
June 16th - Little T day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 17th - paperwork (registration/notarization)
June 18th - passport for Little T
June 19th - physical
June 20th - FREE DAY!
June 21st - FREE DAY!
June 22nd - notary certificates
June 23rd - FREE DAY!
June 24th - receive passport
June 25th - Consulate appointment
June 26th - take train to Hong Kong
June 27th - fly home

Whew - that will be a very long trip!! Here it is almost midnight and I'm still up doing last minute things. I'm all packed, documents are ready, got tickets and reservations, so it looks like I can go to bed and try to get some sleep...yeah right!!


MississippiZen said...

Sending you many well wishes for safe travels and a happy fast adjustment for little T! I can't wait to follow along!!!!!

mommy to a friend of T :)

Cheri H said...

Wow I can't believe it, you're so close! Praying for you and little T's ajustment.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

WoW! You really do have a long trip. Can't wait to see "T" in your arms finally my friend. I will be celebrating so loud, you will hear me all the way in China! So excited for you. I bet Daddy "T" can't wait for you to bring baby "T" home. Did you ever notice how many "Ts" you have in your family? :)



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