Friday, June 20, 2008

City Tour

This is the bed they used to sleep in 100's of years ago. The mattress was wood and the pillows were made of porcelain!!

This is our travel mates little girl!

Today we went on the city tour. We visited the Chen house where I got some paintings, another temple with a pagoda, and a shopping area. At the shopping area I got a beautiful hand painted tea set, a bottle with 100 children painted on the inside and a beautiful marble screen with the 4 lucky ladies of China hand painted on it. Sorry Big T - I just couldn't help myself. They were beautiful. I could have spent more than I did but L kept telling me we are broke!!

After we got back Little T took an hour nap and then we went swimming. The little 2 piece swimsuit I put on her is too big and she kept showing her little crack to everyone, just like her daddy!! She loved the water, kicking her feet and putting her face in it. I hope Big T got the pool fixed because it looks like we'll be using it quite a bit this summer.

Little T has not cried today at all. She is very happy as long as I hold her or she can see me. If someone else picks her up she will start to cry. Last night I went potty and shut the door. She sat right down and cried those big alligator tears! Poor baby!

We leave in one week. We can't wait and wish we were leaving tomorrow! Today's weather was beautiful and I hope it is nice tomorrow too - we've seen enough rain!


MississippiZen said...

Look at all those smiles!!!! T is just so beautiful!!!!! I caught another glimpse of the beautiful E as well :) Glad to hear that your trip is going well!


Karen said...

Get those socks off her and buy her some crocs! hahaha I am glad she is starting to feel more comfy and less tears.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Love to see the pictures of sweet little "T"! What a beautiful smile she has. Like Karen said "get that girl some Crocs" (lol).

Six Banyan Temple is so beautiful and I'm glad you had fun. What a responsible son "L" is. He is going to make a great husband to some lucky girl one day.

I can't believe only a week left. I know you are excited. We were the same way, but you will remember this trip forever and miss it when you return to the US, so be sure to soak it all up.

Too funny about little "T" showing her crack.

Sofia does the same thing if I close the bathroom door, she knocks on it and starts ctrying if I don't open it. I have not gone to the potty by myself in months! :)

Have fun.


Mysty and Anthony said...

I know how important comments are when you are that far away and although you don't know me I wanted to say she is simply adorable. Didn't your heart just fall out of your chest the first time you saw her? I soo remember that feeling. And how quickly they adapt to love from a stranger!! It's just a feeling you can't have to experience! She looks so good and you all look really happy. Hold her while you can, they get over that really quick!!!:) Hey, we had to hold Olivia for the first 5 days and I mean HOLD!! We passed off to eachother when we went to the bathroom...both of our arms ached at the end of the day, but how we looked forward to the ache the next day! Congratulations to you and hope the rest of your week is great because the reunion with the rest of your family when you come home can't be beat!! It's such a great thing. Thanks for taking the time for pics...keep em' coming...we love to see her!!


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